Industrial Engineering

Introduction to Product , Catalogue, Equipment Installation, Debugging Manual, Usage, Bid Document, Industrial Standard, Technical Standard, Invitation for Tender of Project, Quality Manual


Sales Manual, User Manual, Memorandum, Company Profile, Articles of Incorporation, Product Catalogue, Promotion Materials, Commercial Correspondence, Marketing Plan, Layout Plan, Case Study, Scientific Research Report, Market Study Report, Financial Analysis, Evaluation Report, Audit Report, Commercial Plan and like, Conference Material, News Release, Website Text, Enterprise Publication, Puff

Legal Regulations

Legal Rules, Varied Contract, Agreement, Bond, Bid, Tender, Annual Report of Listed Company, Notice, Letter of Intent, Prospectus, Certificate, Patent Material, Judicature/Arbitration Documents, Official Documents, Diplomacy Documents and like.

Personal Information

Personal Resume, Application for Enrollment, Diploma Certificate, Grade Report, Application for a job, Attestation Material, Notarial Deed, Application for Visa, Correspondence, Letter of Invitation, Trust Deed, International Attestation, Academic Paper.

Cultural Art

Prose, Poem, Advertisement, Magazine, Literature Play, Movie Dialogue.


User Manual, Technical Paper and other translation of related technical paper. Localization/Internationalized.

Book Translation

Economy, best-sellers , novels, e-commerce, engineering and like. We boast numerous successful translation cases and feel proud of being one of the biggest domestic companies engaged in the translation of books.