Localization is a great solution for solving the language barrier of website and foreign software promotion. Firstly, Website of organization needs to be translated into different languages in order to facilitate people of every country to read the HTML without any obstacle, which is called Website localization. Furthermore, the computer software also needs localization in object country for good sales. All in all, localization is not only simple language conversion, but develops in object country by its market feature、culture custom、law and other local circumstances. We offer the internationalized、globalized、localized and GILT service including helping the clients set up a global sales network、offering the files and software multi-language solution of products support and technical cooperation activities. Furthermore, we also provide the value added service for localization of software and website、multi-language desktop、typesetting and printing, and website construction solution as well.

■ Process of Software Localization

1. Project Management
transleague manages and coordinates the project through the communication with client and designate a project manager of transleague to handle the various questions and enquiry from client.

2. Estimation & Analysis
We guarantee to take the most effective solution to localize your products by setting up a work scope for your requirement, and by making a time schedule for every job.
3. Project Preparation
According to the workload, we establish the project team after the estimation analysis. We set up the project localization description by project manager and engineer, and establish the standard vocabulary accordingly.
4. Production Process
Translation is the core of whole project, and we conduct the translation, proofreading and sample test in a parallel manner to pinpoint the possible error earlier and correct it sooner rather than later, which is conducive to the translation quality and optimal lead time.
5. Quality Control Process
Quality criterion will be implemented at each and every production part, and these criteria could be met at each and every production part, helped by periodic sample test making.

■ Process of Website Localization ?
Transleague delivers web-sites that just are as effective in other languages as the original. We specialize in localization and maintenance of advanced multi-language web sites, including interactive e-commerce sites and sites that are updated on a daily basis.
Close consultation aims to create the ideal multilingual websites. Cultural adaptation is often required to meet the marketing demands of a specific target audience or geographical area. Suggestions are made to adapt or redesign content, slogans, color combinations and images.
?  Collaborative project planning/management
?  Focus on target audiences, demographics, brand positioning
?  Localization of resource files and source code in a variety of formats, online help, knowledge base.
?  Translation, editing and proofreading
?  DTP, multimedia, voice over, dubbing, graphic files, user interface localization
?  Multilingual voiceover narration for Web site audio/video
?  Quality Assurance, visual QA, compiling, compliance testing
Linguistic style
?  Accurate and culturally appropriate translations
?  Consistency of corporate and product brand identities
?  Glossary and terminology development for use across multiple languages, platforms and media types
?  Cost-effective and timely projects
?  Ongoing maintenance, rapid website updates using translation memory
?  Multilingual Customer Support (eCRM) and marketing copywriting Website

localization process includes the following:
?  Localization Kit Review, Analysis and Preparation
?  Project Kick-Off Meeting
?  Subject Matter Training and Research
?  Glossary and Terminology Development
?  Cultural Correctness Assessment
?  Translation, Editing and Proofreading of User Interface and Documentation Content
?  Localization Engineering
?  Localization of all graphics
?  Testing according to client’s requirement
?  Client Review and Approval
?  Final QA
?  Project Delivery
Webpage localized analysis -- project plan and translation time schedule and vocabulary -- Localization of editing words, buttons and graphs -- testing -- client censor -- administer revision -- submission of localized webpage -- website management and update

■Multi-media Localization

⊕Make a professional record and mixed audio, video translation post-making through DAT, Beta SP or Hard disc.
⊕Digitalize the audio and video
⊕Translation dubbing
⊕Audio translation and localization service
⊕Multimedia subject localization
⊕Talking book
⊕Education & entertainment
⊕Audio & Data CD-ROM