Our interpretation service is available at four levels:

I. Escort / companion / tour guide:

This presents a relatively low requirement for the interpreter.

II. Technical communication / work site/presentation:

This requires the interpreter to be familiar with the related industry, and master the interpretation and language skills.

III. Business negotiation / conference/news release:

This requires the interpreter to be familiar with the related technological, marketing and management jargon. It demands very skillful interpretation experience (at least 5 years), excellent language skills, cultural background and exposure to the languages involved, and a professional appearance.

IV. Simultaneous interpretation:

This is the highest realm of interpretation. In addition to the qualifications in Level III, it requires the interpreter to receive special training, and have a good voice and quick response. In general, two interpreters are required, so that they can take turns to do the interpretation, changing at every 20 minute interval. The golden age of such an interpreter is 32~38.

Among these four levels, Levels I, II and III fall into consecutive interpretation. For these three levels of interpretation services, please provide some background information about the product/service and your company, such as product description, glossary and information about the conference/event.

We offer excellent simultaneous interpretation services for many large enterprises as well.