transleague boasts hundreds of domestic and foreign translation scholars. They are all imbued with rich experience, a solid language foundation, profound professional knowledge and rigorous working regimes. This enables them to be able to interpret, translate and proof materials of various subjects, fields and languages.
transleague adopts holistic approaches in pursuit of multi-cultural and multi-conceptional integration and solutions based upon well-organized procedures, well-qualified experts and well-reputed services.
transleague is now well positioned in multilingual translation and interpreting as well as localization based upon well-known specialists, well-projectized process, and well-furnished resources.
transleague leverages its proven experience in the industry and acts upon the principle Quality First and Customer Foremost when providing translation services to customers from a variety of backgrounds. With in-house translators and part-time translators outnumbering 1,100, we are allowed to serve customers from a wide range of industries throughout the world.

transleague established a quality assurance system compliant with the national standard Target Text Quality Requirements for Translation Services (GB/T19682-2005), with an eye to ensuring finished products meet the level we promise to customers. We implement total quality control over the entire work flow covering request accepting, contract & order management, translator assignment, reviewing & polishing by translation professor, typing, proofreading, formatting, printing, finished translation delivery, information security, and employee training. By maintaining a high benchmark of our services and striving to meet customers' expectations, we secure opportunities for constant improvement and sustainable growth.